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Terms & Conditions

    OGAart regulations - handicrafts

    By placing an order, you accept the Regulations.


    1. Seller - OGAart-handicraft Agata Kotlarz NIP 7342854192

    2. Customer - the person placing the order.

    3. Order - the intention of the Customer leading to the conclusion of a Product Sales Agreement with the Seller.

    4. Products - made to order: personalized pyrography, wreaths, decorations and other decorations made of artificial flowers.

    5. Sales Agreement - a Product sales agreement concluded between the Seller and the Customer.

    6. Individual order - a product made to order, which has unique features, was created according to the customer's instructions, is not included in the regular store offer.

    7. Facebook page -

    8. Website -

    9. e-mail -


    1. The products that are the subject of the Sales Agreement are made by hand and will never be identical to the model.

    2. When making products to order, the Seller: follows the products previously presented on the Website or follows the customer's instructions and carries out the individual order.

    3. About the price of the product and the cost of delivery should be asked in a message addressed directly to the Seller (via Facebook Page or by e-mail). The Fb website is not technically an official online store.

    4. Ask the seller about the waiting time for ordered products. The waiting time is about 1 week (may be shorter or longer; depends on the availability of intermediates and the duration of the contract).


    1. When placing an order, it is determined:

    - approximate price

    - quantity, type, size and color of products

    - waiting time.

    2. After making the Product to order, the Seller sends the Customer photos for acceptance and informs about the final price of the order.

    3. The price of composition and decoration depends on the complicated pattern, size, quantity, type of additions used and the time spent on completing the order. The seller evaluates each product during its performance.

    4. If the Customer likes the custom-made product and is determined to buy it, he receives the transfer details from the Seller.

    5. If the Customer does not like the product presented in the picture: a) has the right to resign from its purchase or b) ask for minor changes. The seller informs if changes can be made. Making changes (replacing decoration elements / adding elements) increases the price of the product.


    1. The customer makes the payment after accepting the photo of the ordered product sent to the Seller.

    2. From the moment of accepting the order, the Customer is obliged to make a payment within 2 business days to the account number sent by the Seller (unless the parties agree otherwise).

    3. If within 2 business days of the declared willingness to purchase there is no influence of the set amount, the order is canceled and the Seller has the right to sell the Product to another Customer.


    1. Shipments are sent within Poland and the EU after the payment is credited to the Seller's bank account.

    2. We do not use cash on delivery.

    3. In Poland, shipments are delivered by courier or Polish Post in accordance with the current price list and the delivery time is 1-4 business days.

    4. A failed, twice attempted delivery by a courier results in sending the parcel back to the Seller. Re-shipping may occur after the Customer has paid the costs associated with returning the parcel and re-sending it.

    5. International shipments are sent by Polish Post in accordance with the current price list.

    6. The Seller shall not be liable for damage to the parcel during transport and incorrect data provided by the Customer for shipment.


    1. The administrator of the Customer's personal data necessary to perform the order (name, surname, address, telephone number) is only the Seller.

    2. The Seller provides the Customer's personal data only to the carrier providing the shipment.

    3. Customer data is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 10 May 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1000).


    1. The customer has the right to withdraw from the Sales Agreement within 14 days of delivery of the ordered product.

    2. The Customer is obliged to send the Seller a statement of withdrawal from the Sales Agreement within 14 days.

    3. If the Seller has completed the Individual Order, the Customer cannot withdraw from the contract.


    1. The customer has the right to complain about the product.

    2. The complaint does not include the product damaged by the customer.

    3. The complaint shall be reported by e-mail and should contain: description of the defect, date of its occurrence, requests in relation to the defect and customer data.

    4. Within 14 days, the Seller will respond to the complaint.

    5. The product should be sent to the following address: Agata Kotlarz Świniarsko 83 33-395 Chełmiec


    1. The Seller has the right to amend the Regulations for important reasons, such as: changes in the law, methods of payment and delivery.

    2. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the generally applicable provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.