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Goslawa's stall

Kram Gosławy is a Slavic-style handicraft and REKO works created on request or in your free time. Inspired and stylized for the early Middle Ages, it is primarily a reconstruction of the clothing from that period or is maintained in such a climate, but it can be used in modern times:

* linen and wool bags,

* men's shirts hemmed with a hand-woven selvedge,

* iconic linen and wool bags,

* necklaces

* motanki


I invite you to my stall. I accept orders for everything that is shown in the albums, because I did all these things myself.

A few information:

- the items described in the photos and with the given price are currently available and ready for shipment, these "priceless" are items made to order, for own needs or already sold

- I sew both on the machine and by hand, only from entrusted materials. This means that the client has to deliver it to me.

- each order has a certain execution time because it is, however, manual work. You also have to take into account that waiting for the order to be completed is a minimum of a week with simple sewing or weaving a standard selvedge.

- I collect orders all the time and carry out on an ongoing basis (although in the high season the execution time is slightly longer),

- I've been sewing and weaving for about two years, I'm constantly learning new techniques.

We can negotiate all details privately.

If you have any questions about orders, goods or prices, send a message to the stall, or catch me as

Greetings and invite you to cooperation Gosław

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